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  Autumn Sonata  
Höstsonaten, Sonate d'automne

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Regional Coding 0 2 Regional Coding
TV Standard NTSC / 60Hz @ 29,97 fps PAL / 50Hz @ 25 fps TV Standard
Aspect Ratio 1,66:1 1,63:1 Aspect Ratio
Anamorphic no no Anamorphic
Videobitrate 6,45 MBit/s 4,78 MBit/s Videobitrate
Telecine progressiv progressiv Telecine
Schwedisch DD 1.0 Mono 96Kbit/s
Englisch DD 1.0 Mono 96Kbit/s
Kommentar DD 1.0 Mono 96Kbit/s
Deutsch DD 2.0 Mono 192Kbit/s
Schwedisch DD 2.0 Mono 192Kbit/s
Audiodeskription für Blinde DD 2.0 Mono 192Kbit/s
Subtitles Englisch Deutsch Subtitles
Audio commentary with Peter Cowie
Theatrical Trailer
Audiodeskription für Blinde
Biografie Ingmar Bergman
DVD Capacity DVD5 - (4,23 GB / 4,37 GB)
DVD5 - (3,98 GB / 4,37 GB)
DVD Capacity
Packaging Keepcase Keepcase Packaging
Distributor The Criterion Collection Kinowelt Home Entertainment / Arthaus Distributor
Comment 6-page booklet

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US CC Comparison #1 Timecode: 00:16:39

US CC Comparison #2 Timecode: 00:23:50

US CC Comparison #3 Timecode: 00:28:57

US CC Comparison #4 Timecode: 00:31:32

US CC Comparison #5 Timecode: 00:58:08

US CC Comparison #6 Timecode: 01:08:03

US CC Comparison #7 Timecode: 01:20:29

Brennsuppe FRIDAY, 21ST MARCH 2014 AT 3:40 PM
I own six or seven Criterion DVDs and I have been constantly underwhelmed by the quality they provide. Even otherwise good transfers (which this one isn't) are marred by excessive edge enhancement. In this case, look at comparison 2, the right edge of the man's upper torso and head (looks like he's been cut and pasted in there), and at picture 7, the right arm of the woman in the foreground. But all that EE hasn't resulted in a sharper picture either. From the screenshots, the Kinowelt DVD is clearly superior.
As to the color scheme, I have no idea which is the correct one, but the German one looks better balanced to my eyes.
(Oh my, just spotted the hand of the woman in pic 3 - Jeez.)
Local Hero THRUSDAY, 14TH JUNE 2012 AT 4:06 PM
Der Rotstich der Criterion ist schon krass...
Strawdog MONDAY, 11TH JUNE 2012 AT 2:01 PM
The German disc at least has a range of colours; the US disc has a domineering red hue.
Nick MONDAY, 11TH JUNE 2012 AT 9:10 AM
Wenn ich auf die Screenshots gehe: zu kalt - zu warm - zu kalt - zu warm - zu kalt...